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How to Make a FlipBook from Images

by | Oct 4, 2023 | How to | 0 comments

There is something very charming about a flipbook. If you’ve ever wondered how to make a flipbook out of photos, you are in the right place. Creating a flipbook through a series of images attracts more visitors to any website.

Creating a flipbook from images is now more accessible than ever. It is not only unique but also optimized for search engines. In this guide, we will explore the process of creating your own flipbook with images.

Select and optimize your images

The first step in creating an online flipbook is to select the images you want to use. These images will make up the pages in your flip book. Consider whether you want to tell a story, create a fun animation or simply display a sequence of images.

Before uploading your photos to an online flipbook maker, it’s essential to make sure they’re in the right format. You can use online image editing tools like Canva, Pixlr or Adobe Spark to make any necessary adjustments.

Find an Online Flipbook Maker

Now, it’s time to choose an online tool that specializes in creating flipbooks from images. Finding an online flipbook maker is easy but important. Whenever you find a tool, look for user reviews and visit their website. Evaluate their features, price and usability. If so, try it for free to get a feel for the tool. Find instructions and customer support options.

There are several options available. Always do your own research. We are working with many flipbook tools, but the best one is PDF FlipBook. You can easily convert your static PDF document or image into an interactive flipbook. PDF FlipBook is designed to improve your digital content and bring a new level of interactivity.

You can watch our video tutorial and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos

Flipbook Creation Process and Customization

First you need to go to website. Then you need to register. You can subscribe to Free, Starter, Basic, Business or Enterprise. Each subscription has a limit of flipbook creation After creating your account, you will get your dashboard. You can convert images into flipbooks.

To do this, go to the Flipbook tab from Images. Then select the images you want to display and create a beautiful flipbook with them. In this tab, you will find settings like page size, margins, layout, image size and actions. Additionally, there are many functions available for your flipbook. You can personalize your flip book with your own preferences.

PDF FlipBook allows you to customize the look and feel of your flipbook. You can choose the background color, add a cover page, and even include a title and description. These customization options give your flipbook a unique touch. Take your time to perfect the layout and sequence.

Preview and Test Your Flipbook

Before you share your flipbook online, it’s essential to make sure the flipbook works properly and looks as intended. Ensure any effects, image quality and text readability. Check all multimedia elements and look for errors such as missing pages or broken links.

Perform mobile and cross-browser compatibility testing. Repeat these steps until you’re satisfied, then save your changes. This process ensures a perfect and engaging flip book for your audience.

Publish Your Flipbook

After creating the flipbook you will see all your flipbooks listed. Then you have to click COPY IFRAME CODE TO CLIPBOARD and the embed link will be copied, then you can paste it wherever you want and your flipbook will be accessible from there. You will also get a share and tags option. Once your flipbook is complete you can display it on your website.‚Äč You can display your content in many ways.

1. FlipBook Mode: You get a digital reading experience and page turning experience.

2. Vertical Scrolling Mode: In this particular mode, visitors can freely scroll  the PDF document smoothly from  top to  bottom.

3. Horizontal Scrolling Mode: This feature is useful when you want a side-by-side view, providing a fresh and dynamic view that perfectly displays document types and content formats.

If you have a password protected PDF then it will ask for the password before showing the Flipbook.

Share Your Flipbook and Analyze Performance

The final step is to share your flipbook with your audience. Share on social media platforms and link to your email newsletter. Embed it directly on your website or blog. Export it as a downloadable PDF to share across platforms.

To see how well your flipbook is doing and keep an eye on a few things. Check how many people see it. How long they spend on each page. Track link or button clicks. Find out what devices and browsers people use. Know where your visitors are coming from. By observing these you can improve the performance of your flipbook.

Why is a Well-optimized Flipbook Important?

A well-optimized flipbook is important for several reasons. These factors contribute to the overall success of your flipbook and its impact on your audience.

  • It provides a smooth user experience
  • Engage more website visitors
  • Ensures accessibility
  • Conveys professionalism
  • Increases search engine visibility
  • Helps generate and convert leads

PDF Flipbook ensures all these things and you can create a unique flipbook with it.

Watch this video tutorial to get more information


Creating flipbooks from images is a great way to engage your audience. With the right online tools and a little creativity, you can turn a series of images into an attractive flipbook.

You’re telling a story, sharing a product catalog or showcasing your artwork. Online flipbooks provide a dynamic way to present your content. So explore the world of online flipbook creators and find your way to an engaging experience with PDF FlipBook.


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