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Embed PDF as FlipBook on SquareSpace

by | Oct 20, 2023 | How to, Online FlipBook, PDF to FlipBook | 0 comments

Squarespace is a well-known website builder nowadays. It is widely used for personal websites as well as various businesses and services. People use this as they can create a site on their own without the need for senior designers and developers. However, embedding a FlipBook on Squarespace is not a very easy task if you don’t know the exact process.

So the question is, do we need to learn coding to display or embed Flipbook on Squarespace websites? The answer is a big no. PDF FlipBook will help you out and with the help of this, you can display FlipBook on your Squarespace easily with a few simple steps. We will go to that but first why embedding Flipbook is important for the Squarespace website.

Important Of Embedding FlipBook on Squarespace website:

If you show a regular PDF on your Squarespace website, you won’t be attracting visitors that much. The generic PDF files are backdated now and it gives a vibe that is not so appealing for this generation. People now like to see elements that are interactive.

Although PDF format is quite known and can share lots of information they are quite old in terms of this fast-moving generation. Navigation is quite tough with PDF and if you are using those old PDF reader that comes with the browser then your visitors will lose attention within a few second.

On the contrary, FlipBooks can make the document look like a real book. Reading a FlipBook is like reading an original book. Your visitors can turn the pages with real book flip-like animation. They can hear the page-changing sound too. They can bookmark the page, check the attachments, and even visit the link inside the FlipBook. Different zoom level, search, find, share, etc options make the reading and even sharing process really smooth and quick with a FlipBook. And, this digital FlipBook for your Squarespace is only possible with PDF Flipbook. So let’s talk about the process of embedding a FlipBook on Squarespace now.

How to Embed FlipBook on Squarespace:

Step 1: Create a Flipbook on PDF FlipBook

Go to and then create a free account. After the creation of your account navigate to Create Flipbook tab and then upload your PDF. Then you can customize the PDF just as you want. You can change the zoom level, toolbar position, icon sizes, viewer language, etc. You can select which toolbar to show or hide too. Then you can change the color or the theme of the viewer. After customizing just click the publish button.

Also, If you don’t want any customization you can just press the publish button after uploading and your FLipBook will be created.

Step 2: Copy the Embed Link

When the publishing is done, you will get an embed code. Click the “COPY IFRAME CODE TO CLIPBOARD” button and the link will be copied.

Step 3: Embed FlipBook on Squarespace

Log in to your Squarespace website and then go to the page where you want to embed the Flipbook on your Squarespace website. Then add a new section and take the “Embed” block. From the edit option of the embed block, select the code snippet. Click on the embed data and then paste the embed code that you copied from the PDF FlipBook website and you are done. You can see that FlipBook has been embedded on your website. Using PDF FlipBook will make the Flipbook embedding process for your Squarespace website very easy.

Why PDF FlipBook is the Best Solution For Your Squarespace FlipBook

PDF Flipbook is the best website that can convert your PDF files to FlipBook and let you embed that FlipBook anywhere on any of your websites or social media platforms. There are some more key points that make PDF FlipBook better than all others:

  1. Customizability: You can create the FlipBook just as you want. You can customize everything right from Colors, icon sizes, and toolbar position to the outlook of the FlipBook.
  2. Easy to use: Creating a FlipBook as well as getting the embed link is really very easy.
  3. Free FlipBook: You can create a Free Flipbook and you don’t even need to put the card details.
  4. Image to FlipBook: Apart from PDF to FlipBook there is another option where you can create FlipBook from Images too.
  5. Fast Loading: FlipBook that is created by PDF FlipBook is very fast and loads quickly.


By embedding PDFs as FlipBooks on SquareSpace using PDF FlipBook, you’ve taken a giant leap in enhancing your content presentation. Your audience can now enjoy a visually appealing and interactive experience that goes beyond traditional PDF viewing.

Transform your documents, captivate your audience, and redefine the way you present content online. PDF FlipBook and SquareSpace—an unbeatable combination for a truly remarkable web experience.

Ready to elevate your SquareSpace website? Start flipping the pages of possibility with PDF FlipBook today.


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