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How to make a PDF FlipBook?

by | Oct 2, 2023 | How to | 0 comments

As you landed on this page I am sure that you want to create a FlipBook from your PDF Files. I will help you out with a step-by-step guide and you will be able to make a PDF FlipBook for free by yourself by the end of this document.

You can also get an embed link and paste it on your website to show a perfectly working and responsive FlipBook. The process is really simple and straightforward and you can do it with the help of a few mouse clicks. But first, let’s understand why you should use FlipBook and also some unknown facts about it.

Why Flipbook over Regular PDF?

People these days have a very short attention span. So it is needed to grab the attention of your visitors as soon as possible and also engage them in a way that they stay longer on your site.

Regular PDF files give a vibe that it’s old and just plain document files which is not so intriguing. So people avoid these documents rather than reading them. But if you use FlipBook in place of regular PDF then your visitors get a feeling of reading an actual book.

Then they tend to spend more time reading them. Also, FlipBook is more readable than the regular PDFs. As the visitors spend more time reading your FlipBook it helps to boost your performance on the search engines and your site gets more visitors.

So you should always choose FlipBooks over general PDF files and increase the user experience of your website and rank higher on the search engine too.

Check out this awesome FlipBook

Which website should I choose to make FlipBook?

There are some websites that will help you in this case. But choosing the right website is tough work cause there are some differences in the feature list and the pricing. Also, there are some website that follows a tough way to make the Flipbooks from PDF files.

You should choose the PDF FlipBook website. There are some reasons behind choosing this option. Here is why:

  1. The price is very reasonable in terms of the number of PDF files that you can turn to Flipbook
  2. There is a free plan also available which requires nothing ( No cards or anything)
  3. Comes with an Image to Flipbook option also
  4. No limitations on the number of pages
  5. No space is required for you. You can simply get an embed link and paste it anywhere to show your FlipBook.
  6. The reader is amazing. All the necessary toolbar elements are present there. Print, share, zoom
  7. You can use your own brand logo and favicon with the Flipbook

There are many more benefits that are only possible with PDF FlipBook. Check out the website and you can see everything on your own.

How to make FlipBook from PDF files

Here I will provide you with a thorough step-by-step guide about how you can make a FlipBook From your PDF files.

Step 1: Create an Account

Visit and create a free account with your email. The best thing about this website is that it won’t ask for your card details at the very beginning until you choose any higher subscription plan.

You can create a FlipBook with your free account too.

Step 2: Go to the PDF FlipBook Dashboard

When you’re done with opening the account you will see the button to create your first FlipBook. Click the button and you will be redirected to the dashboard where you can create a perfect Flipbook.

Step 3: Upload Your PDF and Create a FlipBook

Now put a title for your FlipBook and Upload the PDF that you want to turn into Flipbook. You can change the toolbar position, page spread, default zoom level, toolbar elements visibility, appearance, and a lot of other settings. Or, you can keep the settings as it is and simply click Publish and your FlipBook will be created.

Step 4: Embed on your website:

After publishing your website, you will get an embed/iframe code. You can change the width and height according to your needs.
Then just paste the code anywhere on your website and you will see that a Flipbook has come up. It’s that simple with a PDF FlipBook.

Give it a try

Editing Your FlipBook:

Now if you think, you may have done something wrong with the FlipBook or you want to change certain things like toolbar elements, appearance or any other settings you can do that too. From your dashboard go to My FlipBooks.

There you will find all the previously created FlipBooks. Click edit and you can edit everything from there. You don’t need to change where you embedded that FlipBook. All the changes that you make on your FlipBook will automatically take place there too.

Customization that can be done with PDF FlipBook

PDF FlipBook offers you all the customizable options that are needed to make your FlipBook more attractive for your visitors. You can customize the FlipBook just as you want. Here is a list of customizations that you can do on your FlipBooks

Default Zoom: Various zoom levels are possible with PDF FlipBook. Select the one that suits your website

Page Mode: You can select even or off as the page mode. It totally depends on your demand

Jump to Page: Put a number here and your PDF will start from that page

Choose icon Size: There are three different icon sizes. Choose the one you like

Select Toolbar Style: There are 4 positions where you can show your Toolbar

Viewer Language: PDF FlipBook offers you with more than one hundred languages for the FlipBook

Toolbar Elements Visibility: You can turn all the elements on or off according to your need

Appearance: The viewer has 6 pre-defined themes and you can create a viewer with your own custom color too.

The possibilities are just huge with PDF FlipBook. Give it a try and check everything on your own.

How to upgrade my Subscription:

Now if you want to create more than one FlipBook you need to upgrade your subscription plan from free to any other plan. There is a tab on your dashboard called Billing and Subscription. Go to that tab and you can see various options there.

Pick your suitable plan and you subscribe to that plan. Then you will be asked to put in your card details and after that, you can avail that package.
Create FlipBook from images:

By uploading images you can turn them into a Fully functional FlipBook with some easy steps. There is an article for that where you can learn how to do that. Please read the article and turn all your images to a Flipbook


Creating a PDF flipbook is a fantastic way to breathe life into your static content and captivate your audience. With the right software and a creative touch, you can turn ordinary content into a captivating digital experience. Whether you’re showcasing products, sharing a magazine, or presenting a portfolio, the dynamic nature of flipbooks adds a level of interactivity that resonates with modern audiences.

By following these steps and experimenting with the customization options, you’ll be on your way to producing engaging digital publications that leave a lasting impression. Happy flipping!


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