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Top 5 Online FlipBook Creator Websites

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When we hear the word FlipBook we basically imagine a picture of a book that has pictures drawn on every page of it and it can be Flipped to see the animation out of it. Although not the same as that FlipBook is evolving in the digital industry too from that inspiration. Websites that provide Online FlipBook Creator Solutions, can easily make FlipBook from PDFs and Images for you.

You can read a document on the online platform just like an original book if it’s a FlipBook. So rather than reading those old PDFs or other formatted documents people tend to read FlipBooks more.

In this article, we are going to talk about the top 5 online FlipBook creator websites that can turn your PDFs or images into a FlipBook. But first, do you know what is FlipBook? And why this is so important?

FlipBook and the Importance of Using It

Picture this: a series of digital pages, each a canvas capturing a moment, a scene, a story. With a click or a swipe, these pages come to life, creating an enchanting journey for the reader. This is the essence of a digital FlipBook—a versatile medium that transcends the constraints of traditional storytelling.

Instead of physical pages, a digital FlipBook typically consists of a series of digital images or pages that users can flip through using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Here are some key advantages of using FlipBook:

Interactivity: FlipBooks offers interactive features that engage and captivate readers.
Enhanced User Engagement: The visual appeal and interactive nature of FlipBooks hold the attention of readers for a longer duration.
Cross-Platform Accessibility: FlipBooks are accessible across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
Easy Sharing: Easily share Digital FlipBooks online, reaching a global audience with minimal expenses.
Analytics and Insights: Gain valuable insights into reader behavior and engagement through analytics.
Global Accessibility: Reach a global audience instantly, without geographical limitations.

Here are some areas where Flipbook can be a big changer:

  • Education and Training
  • Digital Publications
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Presentations and Reports
  • Portfolio Showcase
  • Event Promotion
  • Product catalogs and manuals on E-commerce sites

How to use Online FlipBook Creator:

If you decided to create a FlipBook all by yourself then you might feel it really hard and time-consuming as you need to spend hours writing thousands of lines of code. But in this modern era, where everything is online-based you can create a FlipBook online through just a few clicks.

Here are some steps that you should follow to create a Flipbook online

Step 1
So in the first step, you need to make sure you have all the contents prepared which will be shown as a Flipbook. By contents I mean you need to prepare images or a PDF File. You can create them by using Canva or Adobe easily. Even you can turn your doc files into PDFs. Now when you have your contents prepared let’s go to the next step.

Step 2
This is the most interesting step. Find a suitable online FlipBook creator website that will allow you to turn your images or PDF files into a FlipBook. Don’t go for any paid plans upfront, rather check that site with a trial package and if everything goes according to the plan then you can get a subscription. Here you just need to upload the PDF to the site and the site would convert that PDF into a FlipBook. Then you can download that or get the link from there to share the FlipBook on your desired websites. But before downloading you should follow the 3rd step

Step 3
The third step is customization. In this step, you will make the FlipBook just as you want. You should change the colors, icons, and elements and customize the viewer so that your visitors find it more attractive and easy to read. You should think about whether you want to show some elements or not. For example, you might want to hide the print or download option from your viewer. So make sure to customize the FlipBook properly

Step 4
Step 4 is publishing or downloading. You’re done with all the steps. Now it’s time to publish and share your FlipBook to the world. You can either download the FlipBook or copy the link and share it wherever you want. There are a few sites that will provide you with the embed code to put it on your own website. Some will provide the basic sharing link. Also, there might be a share button on the viewer to share the FlipBook on social media platforms too.
So it’s quite a tricky job to find the perfect FlipBook creator website. I will suggest you some and then you can decide on your own.

Here are the Top # Online FlipBook Creators:

1: PDF FlipBook ( Recommended )

PDF FlipBook is the best among the top 5 Online FlipBook Creators. It can turn any of your PDFs and images into an amazing interactive Flipbook with just a few clicks. It has all the customizable options that will allow you to create the FlipBook just as you want.

Apart from Flipbook, it has two other viewing modes also. With this, you get two benefits inside one. Both PDF to FlipBook and Image to FlipBook are possible if you use this service.

The Flip Sound will give the reader a feeling that they are just reading an original book. You can choose any custom background image that you want which can attract more visitors reading the FlipBook.
Take a look at this

Features that you should consider:

Free plan available:
Before purchasing the desired subscription plan every user wants to give it a try. You can create 1 Flipbook using the free plan. So that you can see everything about PDF FlipBook and also how your PDF is going to look if you convert it into a Flipbook.

No Cards Needed for Free Plan:
One more amazing thing is that you don’t need to put your card details to avail of the free plan. Just sign up using your email and you won’t be asked to put your card details until you go for other subscription plans

Images to FlipBook:
If you want to create a Flipbook from images then PDF FlipBook will help you out too. Other FlipBook creators are more focused on converting PDFs to FlipBook. But PDF FlipBook offers two in one solution both image and pdf to FlipBook.

Customization and Brading:
You can make the viewer just as you want where your FlipBook will be shown. Place the toolbar in 4 different positions, show the icon in the size that you want, use custom colors, change the background with your preferred image, use your brand logo, and many more

Get links to share:
You will get both the Embed link and sharing link and share anywhere you want. The best thing is that you will not require any space or bandwidth for your website. Just copy the embed link and paste it on your website. You can change the height and width parameters too.

2: Flipping Book

Flipping Book is another interesting website that allows you to create FlipBooks easily. Working in this field for a long time, Flipping Book has served users with quality services. The FlipBooks serves the users with great potential benefits.
Although they provide an easy FlipBook solution somewhere they lack a customization option. Also, there is a photo album service but no image to FlipBook option. This online FlipBook creator is quite easy to use also.

Features that you should consider:

FlippingBook empowers users to maintain a consistent brand image. Through customizable elements such as clickable logos, adaptable backgrounds, and color palettes, the platform ensures that each publication aligns seamlessly with the brand’s visual identity. Additionally, the provision for custom URLs and integration of favicons contributes to a personalized and branded online presence, making FlippingBook a valuable tool for businesses and content creators alike.

Engaging User Experience:
FlippingBook creates a visually appealing and interactive reading experience with its page-flipping effect. The platform allows users to incorporate multimedia elements, clickable links, and interactive features, enhancing user engagement.

3: Flipsnack

In the dynamic realm of digital content creation, Flipsnack emerges as a versatile platform, providing both novices and experienced designers a canvas to breathe life into static PDFs. This user-friendly interface transforms traditional documents into interactive, page-flipping experiences, adding a dynamic touch to the world of online publications.

Yet, as we explore the landscape of Flipsnack, it’s crucial to consider the balance it strikes. While it champions user-friendly accessibility and customization, it may have limitations in catering to highly intricate and specialized design elements. This is a trade-off to be weighed carefully, especially for users with specific and advanced design requirements.

Features that you should consider:

Interactive Multimedia Integration:
Flipsnack goes beyond the static nature of traditional documents by seamlessly integrating multimedia elements. Users can embed videos, audio clips, and image galleries, transforming their digital publications into dynamic, engaging experiences. This interactivity elevates storytelling and provides a comprehensive platform for conveying information.

Cross-Platform Accessibility:
In the age of diverse devices, Flipsnack ensures that your creations reach audiences seamlessly across various platforms. Publications are responsive, adapting effortlessly to different screen sizes and resolutions. Whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the content retains its visual integrity, offering a consistent experience to users.

4: Publuu

Renowned for its user-friendly interface, Publuu empowers users to convert PDFs into interactive and visually engaging digital publications effortlessly. The platform’s simplicity ensures that both beginners and experienced designers can navigate seamlessly, making it an accessible tool for a diverse range of users.
But the problem occurs with the customizability. When you try to make the viewer more user friendly we have found that it somehow lacks a bit in that instances.

Features that you should consider:

Mobile app:
With Publuu you can create a mobile app of your own and can easily showcase your FlipBooks and upload it on the Play Store or Appstore.

Fast Support:
Over the years Publuu has maintained their support system pretty well and they handle each and every problem of their users with great care.

5: Issuu

The issue is a big name when it comes to creating FlipBooks online. It has been operating in this industry for a long period of time. This Online FlipBook Creator website offers amazing Flipbooks and there are so many features that Issue single-handedly provides to you by issue like separate advertising space on the FlipBook which you can sell to others.

But with the free trial, you can’t really do a lot of things. This is a big demerit point about the issue. As you can’t really know about the full workings of this site it’s tough to make the decision whether you should go for it or not.

Features that you should consider:

Global Reach and Accessibility:

A key strength of Issuu lies in its emphasis on broad distribution and accessibility. Creators can easily share their content across various platforms and social media channels, ensuring a global reach for their publications. This feature makes Issuu a valuable tool for connecting with diverse audiences and expanding the impact of digital content.

Dynamic Page-Flipping Experience:

Issuu stands out for its ability to transform static content into visually engaging and dynamic digital publications. The platform’s page-flipping effect adds a tactile element to the digital reading experience, creating familiarity reminiscent of traditional printed materials.

So this was the top of according to my research. I recommended PDF Flipbook because it comes up with all the facilities the other ones have and also some more to make your usage easier. PDF FlipBook makes the FlipBook readable and the readers get exactly the same experience they would have had reading an original book.


Don’t settle with just regular and ordinary PDF files or images. Turn them into FlipBooks. Here I’ve mentioned the top 5 online FlipBook creators that will help you to create FlipBooks with just a few steps. Here is another article if you want to know how to turn PDF files into FlipBooks – and also how to turn images into FlipBook – Happy Flipping.


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